Why Not Build Your Own Gazebo

Sep 30th
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A variety of pebble types are used when you build your own gazebo. Shingles provide strong protection against the elements because they are stacked in overlapping rows on a diagonal. The stacking of shingles makes it difficult for elements such as snow and rain to penetrate a shingled roof. Types of shingles used for roofing include asphalt and cedar. Asphalt shingles deteriorate less with heavy rainfall.

Cedar Shingles is recommended by Easy Outdoor Decor’s gazebo guide because they “have a completely traditional character and an organic, natural look … moss and lichen will grow on some shingles making your gazebo look even more part of the natural landscape”. Gazebo roofing material placed on a wooden frame can be easily removed from the frame and replaced so that when a roof is to be replaced, the frame can be preserved.

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Acrylic is a hard plastic that can be shaped into a dome and used as a gazebo roof. Gazebo owners who want an acrylic replacement roof should purchase one from a manufacturer unless that person has access to plastic manufacturing and molding facilities.  Clear plastic roofs are disadvantaged by their unnatural appearance, even after online resource home furnishings are favored by some, especially those with gazebo hot tubs, because they provide unobstructed views of the sky.

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