Warmth of the Farmhouse Fireplace Mantel

Sep 23rd
Simple Rustic Fireplace Mantels
Simple Rustic Fireplace Mantels

Beyond the heat it releases, farmhouse fireplace is also a decorative element that must be cared for. The farmhouse fireplace mantel is then useful to show ingenuity in your decoration. Whether it’s protecting a real fireplace or simply a trompe l’oeil , the mantel dresses and dresses this particular space in your living room or bedroom. The fireplace mantle adapts and shapes in various materials and finishes to integrate elegantly with your home.

The fireplace mantel has a symbolic strength of character; it thus represents the warmth of the hearth, but also the elegance of the time long ago. Today, the mantelpiece is still inviting in our house, even when we do not have a fireplace. It decorates a wall in a few moments, or embellishes an old chimney out of use. Thus, in a large living room, the mantel structure your different spaces to spread a relaxed and relaxing atmosphere in the room.

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To decorate your fireplace mantel, you can dress it with different vases in contrasting colors. You can also stage your own cabinet of curiosities, by placing on your mantelpiece various atypical objects; statuettes, candlesticks, old books, small posters … Finally, for the most romantic, you can place a light garland on your fireplace mantel. Accompanied by pastel-hued flowers, you will have a living room or bedroom in the country style .

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