Tips for Decorative Balusters for Stairs

May 13th
Wrought Iron Stair Rail
Wrought Iron Stair Rail

If you ever wanted to update your staircase without building a new one, consider replacing your existing iron stalks. Decorative balusters for stairs are available in many styles, and can add drama to your home. Here we will go through the process of installing iron stairwells.


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Measure between existing stands before starting to install balusters for stairs. If wood stamens are wider than the code requires, you need to install iron studs at the desired width. Remove any existing stands to install iron stairwells. You can do this by cutting wood stamens in the middle and pulling them out, or twisting them as you remove them. However, if the attorneys are actually inserted into the steps, the stamens intersect with the stairway and the sand tread. Examine the holes that were left of the wood stamens before installing the iron stairwell. Iron stamens ½ inch thick require holes at least ¾ of an inch deep, while 9/16 of an inch iron stamens require 1½ inch deep holes.

If you need to install iron studs closer together, drill new holes at the desired distance. Use a chisel to make the holes square to get iron stamens. Determine the height from the handrail bottom to the floor or steps. If decorative balusters are too long to install, you have to cut them lengthwise. Make sure you add 1 3 / 8th of an inch to 1 ½ inches to the measured distance. Because ornamentation is usually on top of iron stamen, make sure you start cutting from the bottom. Band saw or a pick saw with a metal blade works well. A mill or a jigsaw is two other possibilities.

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