The Best Beach House Hilton Head

Sep 11th
Top Beach House Hilton Head
Top Beach House Hilton Head

Get information about beach house Hilton Head styles for vacations, retirement, second homes and rental properties. The houses built on the coasts offer the advantages of the typical outdoor life features and include large porches, sun decks that extend over the water, outside the rooms and docks for the immobilization of the boat. Types of beach houses, also described as houses on the coast and the waterfront, range from simple one-story cabins to houses of several modern floors.

Structures built on a steep slope along with the water represent a special challenge for architects. To protect the house from unusually large waves and high tides, beach houses are raised at least 8 to 15 feet above the lowest level of the land; State building codes vary in terms of precise height. Before starting work on a structure, builders make a platform or dock from materials that include steel beams, concrete columns or pillars and wooden piles, posts and frames.

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Luxury beach house Hilton Head with up to six bedrooms and facilities such as swimming pools, guest houses and extensive gardens make bed and breakfast establishments and spacious holiday homes attractive to large families. These types of larger beach houses require large plots of land because they have larger footprints; which tend to extend horizontally, rather than vertically, with little increase of more than two floors.

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