Steps to Build Gazebo with Swings and Fire Pit

Aug 21st
Gazebo With Swings And Design

Gazebo with Swings and Fire Pit – What will you do with the beautiful swing in your yard when your children grow up and are not old enough to use it? For those who have encountered this same dilemma, attention to this solution. After thinking long and hard, this builder came up with a great plan to also reclaim his space in the garden. He decided to end the abandoned swings and build, instead, a fantastic porch with benches hanging around a fire.

The father started the project by building a wooden hexagon that would serve as the lining of the well. Next, he placed the six posts from which the new swings would hang. He used a metal rod located right in the center to take it as a reference and measure well the locations of each future swing. Once the measurements were taken, he nailed the six holes directly to the ground with a powerful drill and inserted the wooden posts.

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In addition, he used a large canvas to cover the area surrounding each hole in the posts, so that the lawn was protected and not destroyed unnecessarily. Once the six poles were perfectly planted, the great task of profiling and leveling the upper structure began. He placed the large wooden hexagon on top of the posts and maneuvered until the entire structure of the hexagon was straight and, in short, perfect. Reaching the final part of his work, the man dyed the wooden structure with a varnish of his liking and leveled the base floor of the entire structure. On that flat land, he built his stone hearth with concrete blocks. It secured the blocks with a special adhesive to guarantee its durability.

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