Simple Steps in Making a Model House

Apr 29th
Scale Model House Material
Scale Model House Material

Making a Model House – This is an easy way to make a simple recipe without using a lot of drawing tools or a drawing board. First, scale refers to the size of your drawings in relation to inches and feet. Almost all models are made on the quarter-inch scale. Use the squares on the paper to measure the size of the room. Remember that a square is equal to one foot. Use a pencil to draw at this stage. The line you are using for your walls will end up being the center of the wall. In other words, they are measured from the center of the wall towards the center of the wall.

When you start to be too big for the sheet tape you just put another one to it so that the lines of the chart above. Keep doing this until all the lines are drawn. Once you have drawn all the rooms you can go back and add the doors and windows. To begin with mark the outer door openings three feet. You only have to draw a small line perpendicular to each side of its walls.

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After you have marked all the doors and windows you can find out in which direction you want them to open and from which side. Two things you can notice, the blueprint has twice the dark lines that look like walls and a lighter line in the center. Now get a piece of paper big enough to cover the entire tracing drawing. Now you have a trace that you can take to the copy center and have printed. Make at least five copies so you can add electrical locations and lights.

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