Set Up the Rooms to Go Living Room Furniture

Sep 9th
Rooms to Go Reclining Sofa
Rooms to Go Reclining Sofa

Finding the right arrangement for your rooms to go living room furniture can be difficult. Spacious and open rooms can be especially daunting. However, if you avoid placing furniture in the room against the walls and instead create groupings, the task becomes a little easier. Create focal points, make natural divisions in a room and keep the colors harmonious, and you will find an arrangement that works.

Make a piece of furniture in each area of a room of a focus. In some living room settings. This would be an entertainment center, a piano or some other large, important piece of furniture. This is the anchor for the room and you want to position your sofa in front of your focal point, leaving enough space for traffic to go behind and in front of it. Place carpets in front of your sofa, leaving some space in front of your focal piece of furniture. Position other seats, such as armchairs, on each side of the sofa, to form a U shape. Place smaller furniture in spaces that look empty.

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Create divisions in large rooms. These divisions can be done through the placement of the furniture or through the use of something like a screen to separate the living and dining areas. For example, in front of sofas and armchairs away from dining areas. Use distance to make natural divisions. Place living room furniture at least 3 feet away from the dining area. This will allow a comfortable living room and leave space for walking. Create routes to and from living and dining areas.

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