Safe and Attractive Baluster Spindles

Oct 12th
Wooden Banister
Wooden Banister

Baluster spindles are vertical supports that make up the inner structure railings that typically surround a porch. Balusters can be turned on a lathe to make spindles or cut of milled timber (sawn balusters). Accurate measurement and calculation are needed to build a safe and attractive porch cabinet with evenly distributed balusters. Sketching the railing and balusters with dimensions is a great way to organize and double check your numbers. Divide the length of the rails by the width of balusters plus desired space between balusters.

Round this to the nearest whole number. This number will tell you how many balusters you need to fill the space. If the number is equal, the center of the rail will have a space between balusters. If the number is odd, there will be a baluster centered on the length of the rail. When installing balusters, always start from the center of the rail and work out so that the distance between the end balusters and poles is uniform.

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To make the distance between the last balusters and the positions the same width as the distance between the rest of the balusters. For faster and easier installation, cut a wooden block that is the same width as the desired space between balusters. As you install balusters, place this distance tool against the last baluster, then butt the next baluster against the block.

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