Romantic San Diego Beach House Rentals

Sep 8th
Rentals By Owner San Diego
Rentals By Owner San Diego

San Diego Beach House Rentals – The “beach time” in California is much year-round. It might get cold for a month or two, but opposed to the rest of the country California is quite darn nice. So hiring a beach house is a year-round project in California.

There is one big caveat: buyer beware. Having lived in California for over 40 years, I am pretty familiar with the housing market. I know that there are far more rentals on the market right now than one would expect. We can only attribute that to the precarious economy nationwide. But in renting a beach house, it does suggest that upfront money should be placed in a reliable escrow account until the vacation is ended.

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In California, any licensed realtor can set up such an escrow account. If you are renting directly from the owner, do insist that an escrow company be involved, and contact one directly yourself. The few extra dollars you will pay will be well worth the peace of mind. San Diego, Santa Barbara, and San Francisco are the Big Three in California beach tourism. They all cater to tourists. There is always something to do. And there are always lots of homes to stay in. San Diego weather is pretty perfect. There are a number of neighborhoods in San Diego that you might consider, such as charming La Jolla and downtown San Diego and Mission Bay. All would be good choices.

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