Model House Building Materials and Steps

Oct 2nd
Scale Model Housing Materials
Scale Model Housing Materials

Model House Building Materials – When you are planning to build a house, it often helps to see your home-to-be in 3-D. An effective way to do this is to create a model. The models created by architectural studios can be expensive, so make your own from materials you have in the house.

Work on some preliminary drawings on graph paper. Graph paper is useful because you can make scale drawings of the conversion of the squares of the graph paper for the feet. Add as much detail to the drawing as possible so that it is transferred to the model. Do the drawing again, but break it down further by making a drawing for each wall, in each room. The position of the furniture is not important. Use a pair of scissors to cut the windows and doors in the drawings on each wall. This drawing will be a template for your house model.

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Tape the drawing of each wall to a piece of cardboard. Draw the outline of the windows and openings in the door. Use a ruler to make sure your lines stay straight. Label each wall on the back of the cardboard so that you can put the model together accurately. Get of the model’s ribbon, together making sure that each wall goes hand in hand in the correct order. You can apply the tape to the outside of the corners, as well as the inside to secure the right angles. Because your house model will not support anything less in itself, you do not have to worry about it being structurally sound particular.

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