Making Indoor Classic Baluster

Jan 5th
Style Classic Baluster
Style Classic Baluster

Indoor classic baluster is normally installed to use when walking up and down a staircase. Railings can be installed on the inside or outside of the stairs. You can buy a finished piece of rail from your local home improvement store or you can make one using a wooden post. However, wooden posts need to be firmly attached to the wall at a certain height.


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Measure the diagonal thickness of the classic staircase with measuring tape. The diagonal thickness is needed because the stairway will be parallel to the staircase. Place the bracket in the corner of the angle bracket. Read the measurement on the angle bracket to find the height of the bracket. Put the measurements from steps 1 and 2 together. Subtract the result of 32, which is the height of the stair rail. This is the height of the bracket. Measure from the end of the step, called the nose, to the height of the bracket.

Make a mark on the wall with the pen. Repeat this step from the last step at the top of the baluster. Run a chalk line from one mark to the other. Snap chalk line to make a mark on the wall. Locate the studs in the wall with the rule detector and make a mark on the wall. Place a bracket on the wall and mark the location of the mounting screw. Drill a test hole into the wall with a drilling machine. Repeat this step for the remaining consoles. Align the brackets with the pilot holes and attach them to the wall using a screwdriver or using a drilling machine.

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