Low Cost Concrete Tray

Dec 6th
Rectangle Marble Tray
Rectangle Marble Tray

Concrete Tray – This is not an article for those who are looking for ways to wash concrete. It’s about getting the same look, less than half the cost of acid coloring! First, you need to collect your inventory. You can find it at local home improvement stores such as Home Depot, Lowes, Ace Hardware, and others. You need concrete stains. I recommend two complementary colors, namely chocolate and dark chocolate. Concrete wrappers come in a variety of colors, so decide whether you want to look flat on the floor or look a little shiny, and enough to cover the floor 6-8 times.

You also need a cheap gallon sprayer, make sure you have an adjustable nozzle. Rolled hand rollers with half slender bed and paint tray. And of course you will need plastic painters and masking tape to protect your other surfaces. And a large piece of cardboard or test room that you don’t mind messing it up. Second, remove all furniture from the room and make sure you adjust your surface and surrounding surface properly.

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I suggest closing 4 to 6 feet above the wall so you avoid spraying and need to touch the paint. Make sure you clean or swipe properly because anything on your floor will be on your floor forever after you start the process. Now, you are ready to start! Mix concrete spots like paint, separate and need to be mixed. Be careful, remove your surface, pour spots on your sprayer. Replace the cap and if necessary spray the pump. Test your pattern on some boxes or other spaces that you don’t mind falling apart.

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