Ideas to Replace Metal Deck Railing Balusters

Feb 28th
Smart Metal Deck Railing Balusters Style
Smart Metal Deck Railing Balusters Style

Metal deck railing balusters are more durable than their wooden counterparts and are less likely to break down immediately if someone falls into them. Be careful when replacing a wooden railing with a metal railing because the metal is usually heavier and requires proper anchoring to ensure extra weight does not damage the wall or the stairs themselves. Specialized saws are also needed to cut or modify the metal balustrades during installation to prevent damage to the saw blade.

Measure the dimensions of your wooden railing with a tape measure so that you know the size of each metal spare part has to be and how far down the railing you need each baluster hole. The metal railing can be professionally cut at a hardware store or you can do it yourself with a metal cutting saw and an abrasive blade if you have experience.

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Cut through the bars of the wooden railing with a saw and remove them one at a time. Remove the railing while pulling the balusters out. The lower part of the torsion bars may need to be removed from the holes in the ladder. Check that all the wood screws, glue and are out of the drilled holes before continuing, so that your metal bars fit seamlessly into them. Test a metal bar in one of the perforated holes where the wooden balusters were removed. The metal can be a little thicker, which requires a slight widening of the hole with a drill.

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