Ideas for Historic Farmhouse Floor Plans

Jun 9th
Image Old House Floor Plans
Image Old House Floor Plans

Making a home ground can seem like a project only trained architects should do. But learning some facts about historic farmhouse floor plans shows you this is not true. Making a home plan begins with an understanding of what a floor plan is. This vantage point frees you from the responsibility of dragging the plane’s height dimension. By making your own home plan, you can reduce the risk of producing a plan that you don’t like. Employing someone else to develop a plan increases that chance.


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Using a ruler and pen, draw a rectangle whose proportions match the proportions of the house you design. The rectangle represents from above the walls enclosing the home’s interior spaces. Write labels in the home rectangle for each room you want to make a floor plan for. Write these labels in the area you want the room to appear in, but don’t worry about placing the labels in exact points. You can be precise when drawing each room’s exterior walls.

Draw a line segment for each interior wall you want for your historic farmhouse plans. For example, in the area you labeled “kitchen”, you might draw four lines to form a square around the label. You create the entrance to the kitchen at a later stage. Erase a space in the wall lines where you want to place doors. Then draw an arc that extends from one end of the stroke where you want to enter the path the door will take. Leaving just one gap for these doors. Draw two parallel lines where you want to enter a staircase. Draw lines inside the stairwell and perpendicular to the stairs edges to indicate stairs.

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