Ideas for Glow in Dark Concrete Paint

Aug 25th
Outdoor Glow in the Dark Paint for Concrete
Outdoor Glow in the Dark Paint for Concrete

Glow in dark concrete paint, walls, driveways and roads no longer need to be gray and dull. The process does not require any special artistic skills or special tools. The entire process of converting already hardened concrete can be completed on a weekend. The specialized concrete paint can be found in most hardware stores.


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Clean concrete with a high pressure cleaner. Wait for the concrete to dry. Fill cracks in the concrete with liquid cement. Wait for the liquid cement to harden. Apply two layers of concrete primer. Allow each layer of primer to dry before the next. Apply concrete sealer when the concrete paint has dried. Dark concrete paint will seal the primer to the concrete and create a barrier between the concrete and the paint, preventing the color from soaking in the concrete. Wait for the sealer to dry completely before proceeding. Place the template on the concrete. Determine the pattern you want to use. Tape the stencil in place, or hold it down with bricks or other heavy objects.

Cover all areas not intended to be painted. These areas would include garage doors, walls and plants. This step is only necessary if you are using a color syringe. Apply three thin layers of concrete paint over stencils. Thick layers of color can drain under the template. Wait for each layer to dry completely before the next. Use a brush to get color in smaller areas where a roll does not fit. Apply two layers of clear sealer to the concrete to seal and protect the paint. Wait two days before you go to the concrete. For driveway concrete, do not park a car on the surface for three days. This will ensure that everything is dry.

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glow in the dark paint for concrete.

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