How to Understand Italianate House Plans

Nov 19th
Unusual Italian Style Homes
Unusual Italian Style Homes

It is not easy for many people to translate the lines of a drawing into a spatial representation of a house. But with a little patience you can develop an understanding of Italianate house plans, at least enough to know what your builder. And the more you study the plans, the more you will understand and be able to talk intelligently about what works or does not work for your particular home.


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Understand house plans

Look at each sheet of plans. The plans may include a three-dimensional drawing of what the finished house might look like. You should have four heights, a floor plan per Italianate house plans, and a detail sheet and if your country is selected, you should have a blank plan. Examine the three-dimensional drawing of the house. In general, the interpretations of housing are reasonably accurate as the architect and builder imagine your finished house is displayed. If you don’t like what you see, make notes to share with architects or builders.

Tape down some lime paper and draw what seems wrong. The drawing must locate problem areas for the architect. Make a separate sheet for each page where you have a question. Open the plan to the first floor plan. Western plan details the location of walls using a thick line. The thin lines indicate measurements in the feet. Most house plans are a quarter inch scale or for very large homes, an eighth inch scale. Stairs will have an arrow indicating the direction and the word up or down next to the arrow. This makes it possible to see which stairs go up and down. Doors are indicated by door swings or slides, bypass or bifold.

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