How to Stain Interior Concrete Your House

Feb 26th
Wonderful Stain Interior Concrete
Wonderful Stain Interior Concrete

How to stain interior concrete – Concrete that has never been painted can be old and boring, and does nothing for a living space. But a few layers of paint can do a lot to fix an old concrete floor. Covering concrete with a few layers of paint is an economical way to update your floors. With a little effort, you can transform the old, concrete, lifeless floor into an integral part of your interior design.

Mix the trisodium phosphate cleaner with water in a bucket according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Scrub the floor with the cleaner and rinse with clean water. Let it dry completely. Fill the gaps or holes in the concrete with a mixture of concrete patches. Mix in accordance with package instructions and apply to concrete with a trowel. Let it dry completely.

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Apply a coat of primer with a long-handled roller. Use a brush to get to the corners and paint long baseboards. Allow the primer to dry completely. Apply a coat of paint to the cement floor with the roller. Use a brush for the corners and along the baseboards. Let it dry completely. Apply two to four more layers, if desired. Allow to dry well between each layer. Finish the floor with two layers of clear polyurethane sealant. Allow the soil to dry completely between layers.

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