How to Sand Concrete in DIY Ideas?

Sep 14th
Sanding Concrete
Sanding Concrete

How To Sand Concrete – The concrete slab is increasingly popular in homes and businesses. Because concrete is very versatile for decoration, homes can get the elegant appearance of marble without the cost. The concrete floor is an ecological surface made of limestone. It is durable and reduces the allergens found in carpets and hardwood floors. Polish of a concrete floor brings a shine and beauty to what used to be a dull gray floor.

Rent a grinder at a hardware store. A stile, on foot behind the grinder, is the easiest to use. Concrete grinders are of two types, wet and dry. Buy a set of diamond abrasive wheels to fit the grinder. Use the appropriate safety equipment. Remove the floor covering with coarse abrasive grit. This will clean the debris and soften the floor for the polishing segment.  Fill cracks or dents with epoxy cement. You can use hard drying filler recommended by cement floor professionals.

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Start milling the plant from one corner, working your way slowly through the entire plant. Apply a concrete chemical hardener to the floor. This will help to establish the high gloss look of your finished floor. Polish the cement floor with the abrasive diamond bonded with resin using 100 grit. Then continue the process using 400 grit bond with a resin. And follow by 800 grit bonded with resin, until obtaining the desired gloss. You can use a maximum of 3,000 grain bound with resin.

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