How to Run Electricity to A Shed Easily

Aug 20th
System Running Electric To Shed Above Ground
System Running Electric To Shed Above Ground

A cloudy day creates a real burden when trying to look at the back shelves inside a storage shed. How to run electricity to a shed with all types of light are welcome, but most sheds lack electric power. The fastest and easiest method to get power to the shed is by running a semi-permanent extension cord from the nearest outer outlet. The extension cord provides plenty of power to run a variety of common appliances, including light.


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One digs a ditch 15 to 30 cm (6 to 12 inches) deep in straight electricity to a shed from below the outer outlet to flush the shed. The smaller pieces should be high enough to stand vertically and squeeze the ground 10 cm (4 inches). Make cuts needed to obtain the right lengths with a bow file. Feed an extension cord long enough to stretch between the outlet and shed, with lots of extra length for the slack, through one of shorter PVC lengths, 90 degree bend, the long length of PVC, the second 90 degree bend, and the last shorter length of PVC.

Fit the PVC together by walking the 90 degree elbows attached to shorter lengths to the ends of longer length PVC pipes and placing the pipe in the trench. Both shorter lengths should stand vertically out of the ditch. Backfill the trench with dirt. Screw off metal siding near the roof of a metal shed. Pull off the siding from the shed one piece and feed the end of the extension cord through gaps. Rest the cord in 1.3 cm (1/2 inch) holes and reinsert the siding.

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