How to Repair Arc Face Mount Balusters

Dec 5th
Face Mount Deck Balusters 100 Pack
Face Mount Deck Balusters 100 Pack

Arc Face Mount Balusters – Its grand staircase makes a less-than-grand impression if it has a broken bar. Replacing, tightening or repairing a baluster is easy if you understand how it was secured. The lower end was fitted and locked at the edge of the tread before applying the nosing; or do not have it attached with an insert in a hole, as it is tilted in place to drive into the top. The upper part is toenailed to the railing.

Make two new guide holes for your nails on top, angled slightly towards each other so you will be able to drive in without hitting the adjacent bar. Try placing the baluster. nail 4d finishing nails into the new pilot holes to secure the top to the bottom of the profile. Countersink the nails with a set of nails, and fill the gaps with putty or putty If you plan to paint or fill with wax if the bar has a clear finish.

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If the baluster is loose at the bottom, remove and reinstall it using construction adhesive on the joint. A quicker but less reliable way to tighten a bar that is loose at the bottom is to drill two pilot holes, then drive two nails through the baluster and into the tread. If the baluster is loose at the top, make two pilot holes through the top of the baluster, then drive two nails into the top face of the baluster. Countersink the nail heads with a dumper, and fill the holes.

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