How to Refinish the Nickel Balusters

Apr 10th
Stainless Steel Spindles
Stainless Steel Spindles

Nickel Balusters – A railing of metal bars adds drama to a staircase – unless, of course, the balusters are peeling, peeling or a terrible color. The bars are the posts that hold the upper part of the stair railing. Due to the banister of balusters and are such a focal point, you want them to see the best possible. Replacing the whole railing is not only expensive, but it is also a great project. You can avoid all this by using a little bit of elbow grease and a little paint. In a couple of days, your metal balustrade and balusters will look as if they were brand new.

Brush the rusted areas and desquamation of the handrail and balusters, with a steel bristle brush. The paint and oxide will begin flaking. Remove as much rust as you can with the brush. Put on a pair of rubber gloves. Fill a spray bottle with phosphoric acid. Spray the acid all over the railing. Brush the iron phosphate from the handrail and balusters with the steel bristle brush. Wipe surfaces with damp towels to remove remaining chemicals. Sand the railing and balusters with medium grain sandpaper to remove the remaining particles in the metal and create a textured surface for better paint adhesion.

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Close-up of the handrail and metal balusters with an oil-based primer, using light, even movements. Paint the metal handrails and balusters with oil-based paint, using the same technique you used to apply the primer. Apply one or two additional layers of paint. Let each coat to dry perfectly before implementing the next one.

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