How to Put Down Deck Post on Concrete Slab

Oct 14th
Over Concrete Post Holders
Over Concrete Post Holders

If you want to lay floors over a deck post on concrete slab, you’re limited in your choices, because you can’t nail it to it. Even if you can glue down floors, that’s more permanent choice than you might want to do. Floating floors are a good solution, as you don’t need to nail or glue it but just fit the planks together and put them down. It’s important that the plate be flat and firm before you start, so you’ll need to fill cracks or holes in the surface.


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Dig out any loose debris from cracks in your concrete floor, using your trowel and vacuum. Fill the cracks with the concrete patch compound, using your trowel. Leave the compound overnight. Roll out plastic underlayment over the concrete floor, if in slightly overlapping courses. Cut it to size with your knife. Connect a second board at the end of the first; snap them tightly together by fasteners on their edges. Repeat the process, setting the planks end to end along the entire side of the floor. Set spacers along the entire wall as you go. Cut the last board to the size of your miter saw.

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Set the next race boards along the first course, snapping each along the long side of the boards in the runway. Place the boards so that the ends are offset between the two courses. Cut the last board needed to fit. Repeat the process, on courses of planks all over the concrete slab. Continue the dizzying ends between the courses and cut the last board of each course to fit. Use a table to saw the last course of boards lengthwise, to fit along the far wall with a 3/8-inch space there.

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