How to Installing New Balusters Ideas

Oct 2nd
White Iron Baluster Spacing
White Iron Baluster Spacing

Stamen does not hold a handrail up, but instead provide a barrier so that children and animals do not fall to the side of the stairs. Installing new balusters when the upper and lower inserts and the handrail are anchored to the stairs, you are ready to install stamen. The studs do not have to be so attached to the handrail as the posts. Nevertheless, the attorneys must be attached tightly enough to resist the importance of a small child.


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Hold one of the uprights in the middle of a new balusters worn staircase. Mark where the bottom edge of the handrail touches the side of the stamens, using a pencil. Remove the stamens. Cut along the line with a hand saw. Place the first stamper against the other stamens, using it as a template to draw a cut line on the other stamens. Cut all the stanchions along the line you trace using the hand saw.

Insert the posts between the middle of the step and the handrail. Installing balusters with Drive final nails at an angle, attach the posts to the underside of the handrail. Drill steering holes from the underside of the stairs through steps and into the bottom of the stanchions. Drive the 3-inch wooden screws through the steps and into the stands.

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