How To Install Shingles On A Shed

Sep 5th
Roof Installation Cost
Roof Installation Cost

How To Install Shingles On A Shed – Shingling is the last step in building a shed roof. You can roof tiles with tiles or individual shakes, but it is easier to use what is called three-tab tiles, which are made of asphalt or any composite material. The tiles have a solid layer of asphalt covered with small gravel. They are designed to be superimposed in layers so that the water runs over the seams and does not enter the ceiling. A shed roof needs a bit of preparation before you start nailing in shingles.

Install the metal drip edge on the bottom of the roof sides. It is metal flashing, so a flat side is tilted. Ball above the plywood roof floor or oriented chipboard (OSB). Spread or horizontally since the length of the ship, starting at the bottom on top of the drip edge and going up. Basic element for the boarding with a construction stapler. Place a starting line of the tiles. Cut the tabs of a set of tiles with a knife or large scissors. Nail these tiles with the cut to finish the roof and the final finish on the bottom edge, at height or slightly above the drip edge on the bottom and sides. Use 4 nails per tile, on top of the tile.

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Cut 6 inches from the end of a tile to start the next row, so that the seams of the tiles do not line up and the tile surfaces overlap. Work to the roof, trimming the tiles another 6 inches at a time from the side to keep the joints alternating. Cover both sides of the roof to the top. Use special roof shingles. Cover the nails in the last roofing tile with cement for roofing to seal the connection.

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