How to Install Balusters and Handrail on Stair

Dec 13th
Stair Railing Install
Stair Railing Install

How To Install Balusters And Handrail – Railings are long wooden runs that are fixed at hand height to support walking, while balusters are the vertical poles that hold the rail to its given height. You can install balustrades and balusters anywhere you need to make a separation between an area and another low area, such as on stairs or in the drops between the floors in a house. Once you order your balustrade and customized balustrade you can easily install them yourself.

Set the stair pillars in place and nail them in place with a pneumatic nail gun. Place each of the pieces of the tread down between the stair pillars. Nail the treads in place with the nail gun using enough nails to keep the tread from moving at all. Place a small amount of glue in each of the holes in the treads. Adjust the shank ends of the balusters in the glue on the treads and press down. Set in the rails on top of the balusters, ensuring that the top of each baluster fits within the rail. Make a pilot hole through each of the stair pillars, where the rails touch them with an electric drill.

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Insert a screw into each of the guide holes and the screw into the hole. Place a wooden plug in each of the guide holes and hit them with a hammer. These plugs will cover up the heads of the screws on the stair pillars. Hold one level vertically on each baluster and check for straightness. Tap lightly with a hammer to adjust until it is straight.

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