How to Fix the Legs of DIY Baluster Coffee Table

Sep 9th
DIY Square Farmhouse Coffee Table
DIY Square Farmhouse Coffee Table

There is nothing more aggravating than detached legs of DIY baluster coffee table. Using the table for daily tasks becomes difficult if not impossible. Food and drinks spill on the ground, a written note becomes scribbles. It does not make much sense to have a table you cannot use. Fortunately, even if you are not much of a fixed-it-yourself type of person, fixing a leg on a table is one of the easiest repair tasks.

Learn how the legs are connected to the table. Remove the loose leg from its socket. Place a block of wood against the leg to protect your paint job and hammer gently until the leg is loose enough to come out of its socket. Remove the glue with steel wool. A mixture of vinegar and water will help with the remains of stubborn glue. Insert the leg into the socket. There must be a bit of friction. If there is not, layer a bit of sewing thread on the tail and wrap it around the peg.

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Stain the surface of the joint and the spike with good glue for wood. Make sure that any part of the leg and the set that touches each other has glue on it. Clamp the leg in position. If the legs have slats between them, you can also tie a cord or elastic cord around them to maintain alignment. Allow the glue to evaporate for a limited 24 hours. Do not skip this step or your table will wobble again soon.

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