How to Fix Interior Stair Balusters

Oct 10th
Wonderful Indoor Stair Railings
Wonderful Indoor Stair Railings

Balusters are vertical supports on interior stair balusters. They can crack or break with time, that you need to fix them to avoid hurting you or your guests. While wooden putty can be used to seal cracks on the stamens, replacing whole stamens is often best. You can also pull stamens if they grow too loose. A repaired or new stand keeps your staircase safe.


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Tightening a Baluster

Remove any loose nails from the stand. Remove fillets between each loose stamen. Attach the lower end of each post with a clip attached to the interior stair balusters. Drill and lower an angled pilot hole, place it so that a fillet will hide it. Use a wood screw or wall panels to secure the studs. Cut new fillets to make them fit comfortably between stamens. A miter box will help you make clean angle cuts on your fillets. Always sample fit for the fillets before gluing and squeezing them in place.

Change a Broken Baluster

Use a tiger saw to cut through the broken stamper. Place the masking tape on top of the interior stair balusters where the stamens are attached. Squeeze a pipe pliers on the posts, as close to the stairs as possible. Turn the stator with the wrench and break the glue bond by the plug. Remove the upper part of the stamper from the railing and scrape off any old glue. Take a stand for a furniture maker to get a customized specimen, and cut the new stamen to fit. Use a T-bevel to recreate the right angle for the upper end. Cut it with a miter box to make it straight.

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