How to Design Floor Plans for Small Apartments

Sep 9th
Unusual Apartment Floor Plans
Unusual Apartment Floor Plans

Designing floor plans for small apartments can be a challenge if you are trying to live big. The arrangement of domestic possessions must be adapted to the space for it to be comfortable. By acquiring not only the right furniture but also the right amount of furniture, and arranging it in harmony with the layout of the apartment, small space residents can make their living spaces feel more spacious.


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Limit the amount of furniture

Make a scale drawing of the floor plan in your apartment on a large piece of paper. Make the outlines of all the furniture you own on stiff paper, on the same scale as the floor plan apartment, and cut them out. Use a scale from ¼ inch to 1 foot for easy use. Move representations furniture around on your scale drawing to figure out the most sensible place to put them. Use the remaining space to determine what other furniture is needed. Pay attention to the traffic flow, which holds doors open and how often furniture will be used.

Take Functions of Space Consideration

Draw in all doors, windows, closets, skylights and heat fans on your scale drawing. Arrange furniture so that it will not prevent the doors from opening or blocking the light from the windows or the heat from coming out of the heat fans. Arrange side tables that will keep the lights in front of the outlets. This avoids ugly cords draped over your walls. Determine the development of daylight in relation to your apartment. Arrange things in the apartment so that the light is useful to you. Conversely, use drapes or shades to minimize windows with ugly views or empty walls opposite them.

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