Homemade Dog Trot House Plans

Dec 18th
Wood Breezeway House Plans
Wood Breezeway House Plans

A cabin can be seen as a simple protection, which protects a pet from the elements, including sun, heat, rain, snow and hail. Compare a doghouse to an ordinary house, however, and you will realize that it is an important component lacking its structure: insulation. Dog trot house plans typically do not have any insulation. It is relatively lightweight, but to make your own insulation and provide extra comfort for your pet.


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Cut bubble size to line the inner walls and roof of the dog trot house plans. Attach bubble wrap inside walls and ceiling with silver tape. Make sure bubble wrap is safe and that it will not fall down. Use enough tape to cover all edges of the bubble wrap so that the air does not seep through. Cut the padding into four pieces, one for each wall. Cut the padding two inches larger than the length of each wall so that one inch overlaps the adjacent walls. Remember to cut a hole for the house entrance.

Place the padding on the top of the bubble wrap and push it tightly into the corners of the dog trot house so that each piece is tight. If necessary, you can also use tape to make the padding safer. Place a layer of straw on the floor of the doghouse for extra insulation. It can be thrown out and replaced with new straw over time. You can also use blankets, but you will need to wash them from time to time.

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