Good Waterproof Caulking for Concrete

Sep 3rd
What is Caulking for Concrete
What is Caulking for Concrete

Waterproof caulking for concrete – For many works it is important that the concrete produced is waterproof. Concrete becomes waterproof without the use of special additives, but the gravel materials have a good grain distribution and are used in the right proportions, and the consistency permits a really good compression so that in the machining used, the molds completely fill and snag the possible reinforcement.

A concrete becomes waterproof caulking for concrete when the cavities in the sandstone mixture are completely filled with a cement water mixture which itself becomes close after the bonding and curing. The concrete mix must contain 15-20% by weight of solid material below 0.25 mm or at least 375 kg of cement plus filler per kg. M 3 concrete, and the average v / c must not exceed 0.50. The cement content should be at least 300 kg / m 3. The addition of air entrainer and fly ash also contributes to the waterproofness of the concrete and can therefore be recommended.

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Thus, air interference of approx. 4-6%. If fly ash is added, the requirement for the cement content can be reduced by approx. half of the added fly ash quantity.  It is furthermore important that the concrete is allowed to harden under favorable conditions, i.e. that it is not exposed to dehydration and thus the possibility of cracking before it has obtained sufficient strength. Waterproof caulking for concrete will usually only be achieved after approx. 3 months of curing time.

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