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Sep 21st
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The museum has acquired a frank Lloyd Wright crystal bridges Usonian house, the Bachman Wilson House in Millstone, N.J. In The house is in danger of collapse, its current location. Fairly astonishing news coming from Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. In 1954 as one of his Usonian houses, the Bachman-Wilson House was designed by Wright. From the press release:

Built in nineteen and fifty four along the Millstone River, the house has been encroached upon by the river and surrounding landscape over the past decades. The house has sustained significant damage and relocation has been recommended as a means of best preserving the structure because of the repeated flooding. The owners doing looking for a multi-year search for a purchaser that could provide an appropriate setting and context for the historic building. And now, Crystal Bridges has acquired the home, which will be disassembled and moved to Bentonville.

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There, on Crystal Bridges’ 120-acre grounds, it will be reassembled. To transport the Bachman Wilson House to Bentonville, J.B. Hunt Transport has donated its services. The museum said that it will be available for study. More from Crystal Bridges press release about the history and architecture: A Usonian house. A term coined by the architect — is as a way to control construction costs by a one-story house that has no basement or attic and few frills. Wright designed sixty such houses. And after a term coined to describe Americans, he named the Usonia.

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