DIY Ideas for the Yard Concrete Edging

Sep 9th
Lawn Edging Ideas To Keep Grass Out
Lawn Edging Ideas To Keep Grass Out

Concrete Edging – Planting flower beds or gardens in your yard can provide the satisfaction of having plants grown successfully. While you beautifying your yard or providing fresh vegetables. Although the beds will have a neat and clean outline when you first install them, they will eventually erode, or the grass that surrounds the beds will start to overgrow the edges. You can block this from happening by placing cement edging stones throughout the beds.

Place the cement stones on the floor around the edge of the bed where you want to install the stones. Dig a ditch in the ground between the lines. The trench should be enough to hold the stones halfway in the deep soil. Hammer a wooden stake into the ground at each end of the trench. Tie the bricklayer line between the stakes. Set the first stone in the trench, place the front edge of the stone against the edge of the trench. Place another stone in the trench next to the first stone.

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Finish the installation of the stones in the trench. Line installation of a second mason on the corner of the bed. If you are installing edging on the side of the bed that runs perpendicular to the edging on the first side. If the bed is curved, use pre-cut curved stones in the trench. Continue laying the stones until the bed is finished. Fill the gaps around the back edge of the stones with dirt. Add water to the earth to get it wet and step on the ground to compact it.

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