DIY Closet Shelves Wood

Jul 28th
Wooden DIY Closet Shelving Systems
Wooden DIY Closet Shelving Systems

DIY closet shelves add style and distinction to a home. They dress up a wall and give a place to show decorative pieces like tiles. For a wood working enthusiast, building shelves is an easy task.


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Determine the dimensions of the shelf and determine its primary use. Keep in mind that the shelf must be anchored in studs, so shelf measurements should coincide with stud measurements. Buy wood together with bets or prefer wood treatment. Buy some decorative wood trim that is necessary. Find the studs and mark their place on the walls where the shelf will be attached. Cut off the top of the shelf to the size needed; Make sure the ends are square. Use a tape measure to measure the points where the screws will go through at the top to attach a support rail and side support. Select them. Use a combination square to draw a line that is at a 45-degree angle relative to the direction the grain runs on the closet shelves.

Cut out the pattern and align it to this line, and trace the pattern on the board. Cut the side supports; Use a jigsaw to cut the curved edges. Sand the edges until they are smooth. Cut the support rail for the rear part of the shelf to the required size. Finish the wood by grinding all the rough edges. Place the rear support rail between the side supports. Use wood glue to secure them, and use clamps to hold them in place while they dry. On the outside of the support rails, drill two holes. Use screws with flat head in the holes. Use glue to coat the holes and finish the holes with the whole plugs. Attach the top of the shelf to the side supports with screws.

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