Detail Measure of 1800 Square Foot House Plans One Story

May 6th
Craftsman House Plans
Craftsman House Plans

1800 Square Foot House Plans One Story – In square feet is an important factor to consider when buying a house. If you have found a specific house that you like because of various factors, such as location and design, you need to know if the house is large enough to accommodate your needs as well. It is also important to measure the square footage of a house you intend to sell so that you can advertise the details of the house.

Use a tape measure to measure two adjacent outside walls of a house. Multiply the two measurements (length and width) to find the square meters.  Multiply the times of square feet the number of floors. For example, if one side of the house is 30 feet and an adjacent side is 30 feet, the square foot is 900 feet. Double the square meters of stage 3 if the house has two floors. The square footage of stage 3 is 900 feet; Therefore, 900 times plus two equals a total of 1800 square feet in a two-story house.

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Subtract the space without finishing if necessary. If you are selling a house, be specific about the square meters of living space, plus the square meters of unfinished space. For example, if your house is 2000 square feet in general, but one bedroom is unfinished, subtract the bedroom area from the total. If the bedroom measures 10×10 feet, it has an area of ​​100 square feet. Subtract this from 2000 to find 1,900 square feet of finished living room.

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