Creative Ideas for Closet Dividers

Oct 7th
System Closet Divider Labels
System Closet Divider Labels

Closet dividers for when someone mentions a room divider, tanks chintzy screens or boring folding panels often come to mind. This need not be the case. You can hook up some very interesting and functional room dividers that offer both privacy and add an urgent conversation bit to the room. Creative ideas for a room divider include shelves, living creatures or hanging an artistic collection of curtains, artwork or beads.


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A closet divider with open ends on both sides is a spectacular and very functional way of sharing a room. Both sides can be stored with books, artwork, games, toys or anything else that needs storage. You can also go for two traditional bookshelves or shelves placed back to back for the same effect. If the shelves are not long enough to reach the ceiling, place artwork or silk plants on top of them to create a privacy protection over the shelves’ reach. Entertainment centers also work to split a room.


Sharing a room with living creatures is another way to go. One of the most ideal closet dividers has been used in doctors’ waiting rooms to share the sick children well: fish tank. Choose a large tank, at least 55 liters and more if you can afford it, and make it the central part of the room. The tank should be placed on a thick wooden stand created to keep the tank weight, and can be adorned on each side with tall, false plants.

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