Concrete Spray Texture Ideas

Feb 3rd
Vintage Texturing Interior Concrete
Vintage Texturing Interior Concrete

Garage comes in a variety of sizes; some are barely enough for a single economy car, while others can accommodate a full size RV. Concrete spray texture garages in older houses are often detached, while newer constructions are usually part of the main structure. One thing almost everyone has in common is a concrete floor.

Garage floor

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Garage floors are usually made of concrete spray texture. To be up to code, garage floors must be constructed from a flammable substance. They also have a slope so they run away from the main building of your house. Because people spend relatively little time in the garage compared to the rest of the house, often less care is taken with both the appearance and the moisture protection of the floor. Garage floors are exposed to exposure to wet substances, chemicals and dirt more than other floors in the house.


Concrete is not flammable and is well suited to both moisture and dirt. Easily cared for, just most concrete garage floors need sweeping for maintenance. These properties make it the most common flooring material for garages. Over time, exposure to oil or road salt may stain and pit a spray concrete floor. Exposure to persistent moisture or soil displacement can lead to cracking, which is both unsightly and a potential voyage hazard. Concrete can be repaired using panel materials and sealants.

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