Comfort and Efficiency Shipping Container Turned Into House

Aug 25th
Tiny Shipping Container Turned Into House
Tiny Shipping Container Turned Into House

Among the many solutions that exist for housing, shipping container turned into house are particularly interesting because they combine ecology and savings, comfort and efficiency, speed and design … Before entering the pocket container house, here are the plans from inside the container . With this picture we can see that all the essential elements of the house are present, including a bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom.

Although small (the interior is only 15 square meters) the space seems to have been organized optimally. Thanks to his plans, we also notice that the small terrace once unfolded represents an important extra space on the ground. Installing a large container house in an American university town may seem like a selfish gesture, but thanks to a suitable design, the end result is something original and unique.

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And this originality is not just about the menthol green color that covers the container house! Even if we always guess the aesthetics of the containers, we are really surprised by the homogeneity of the structure and the warm and family aspect it gives off. When one adds the ecological side of this container house, it is easy to understand why the people of Flagstaff are proud to have it in their city.

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