Coat Closet Design Ideas

Aug 18th
Wooden Ideas Coat Closet
Wooden Ideas Coat Closet

A coat closet is used to hang coats and, sometimes, to store the odds and ends, such as tools, snow shovels or even games. The coat closet is often near the door, making it easy to remove a coat and hang it in the closet. If you are building a house from scratch and design a wardrobe entry shield, uncover some things in mind about the size of the wardrobe.

Wardrobe depth is determined by the amount of space needed to hang the typical coat or jacket. It’s about 28 inches in most cases. Some layers are larger, however. For example, a large individual’s coat may require up to 30 inches of space. To play it safe, let the coat depth of the coats at least 28 inches or more. Remember that this is the interior space inside the closet. It is only advisable to make the coat closet this deep if no other objects are going to be stored in the closet.

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The width of the coat closet is determined by the number of layers are to be hung in the closet. This depends on how many people are in the home. Take into account the number of layers each person has, and then decide whether leaving extra space for the layers of visitors is a good idea. In general, it can take up to 6 inches wide to hang a winter coat. Therefore, if each person has two or three layers, they account for this in their measurement.

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