Closet Works: More Useful Than You Think

Sep 28th
Modern Closet Works
Modern Closet Works

What is a closet works? The dressing room comes in different forms but it has only one function: to contain all the wardrobe of Madame or Monsieur. The dressing is not only for women, more and more men, even single, have theirs. Unlike cabinets and wall cupboards, we do not just store textiles, but shoes, accessories and sometimes jewelry.

This is the top, the dream of all, have a room exclusively for dressing, and of course, to fill it. The main advantage of this development is that we have a nice overview. The second is the ability to classify cases by category. This room serves as a fitting room, no need for psyche, a large mirror on the wall is more convenient.

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There is a window to ventilate clothes, which is not insignificant. Indeed, if they are locked too long, they take a bad smell and one is often obliged to rewax them before wearing them. Choose perforated shelves, for example a wired model made of metal, steel. It is a little more expensive than wood but this material offers a lot of advantages. They can be placed on wooden racks. On the aesthetic side, it’s not really that, but we can easily hang a kind of champlat with clips on the visible side of the shelf, especially if we do not add doors.

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