Closet Shelving Ideas for Pantry

Mar 10th
White Wood Closet Organizers
White Wood Closet Organizers

Closet shelving ideas – organized pantry can make the meal variety less of a planning nightmare and the preparation less challenging, for housewife or professional chef. The basic rule is that you can never have too much shelf storage.


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Measure to the height of the shelf with a measuring tape, from the floor surface. Connect the two brands, using a level to ensure that the line is straight and level. This will be the position of the rear shelf support card. Extend a level horizontal line about 12 inches from both ends of the line marked in step 2. Run a rule detector along the lines marked in steps 2 and 3, making a small pencil line in the middle of each stud position just above the horizontal pencil line. These marks will help to attach support boards to the wall.  Measure the horizontal dimension of the line marked in step 2 and cut a piece of 1-by-2 pine to this length.

Hold the 1-by-2 pine support on board cut in step 5 flat against the wall, with the top edge aligned with the horizontal line marked in step 2, and attached to the wall with a hammer and two vertically positioned 8d surface nails on each bolt location marked in step 4.  Measure two 1-by-2 pine than support boards to 10½ inches long. Cut a length of 1-by-12 numbers to hat shelf support length is determined in step 5 minus? Inch, then place it horizontally on top of the shelf support boards installed in steps 6 and 7. Press the 1-by-12 shelf board tight to the rear wall and attach the support boards with 6d surface nails about 10 inches apart.

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