Closet Depth System Solutions

Aug 23rd
Unusual Closet Dimensions Guide
Unusual Closet Dimensions Guide

Closet depth is some of the most effective additions to your home when it comes to reducing clutter on the floor or in the corners. Laying shelves for wardrobes will make the inside of the space much nicer and organized.


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The size of the shelves you add to the closet depth should be in line with the actual closet size. For a small area, like the linen closet, short or thin shelves on the door or side walls of the closet will make it easier to store washcloths. A larger closet, such as that in your bedroom or garage, can benefit from a long durability that takes up the entire rear wall and holds clothes or shoes.


To keep your closet depth specially arranged, you can color coordinate shelves using color or different shelf materials. For example, you can paint the shelves for your child’s wardrobe in red for those clothes that are not currently in season, yellow for light jackets that may be needed during hot and cold months, and green in-season clothing. Adding some features to the wardrobe shelves can also increase the wardrobe storage efficiency. For example, small lights on the wardrobe shelves will make finding clothes comfortable. Hooks installed at the bottom of the closet shelves are also ideal for hanging coats and jackets without taking up too much extra space.

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