Cleaning Concrete Garage Floor Ideas

Sep 1st
Unusual Garage Floor Paint
Unusual Garage Floor Paint

If you are tired of your cleaning concrete garage floor, or install a new garage floor, you are probably considering what you could do to add design to your garage floor. Concrete is not a very versatile subject, but there are several methods to treat it to give it plates color, definition and design. You can also try to make the concrete look like stone. If you want to get rid of concrete altogether, there are several options for garage flooring.

Acid Staining

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Acid staining paints your garage floor with pigments that are designed to suck into the concrete where they will not wash away with time. The acid allows the color to penetrate and chemically change the concrete. Acid dyeing allows you to plan a wide range of colors and patterns, but it does not change the surface of the floor itself. You will need to return the concrete to keep the color pale.


Epoxy is plastic resins that can be used to coat other surfaces, such as concrete. These resins are self-leveling and give the concrete a new surface that hides cracks and flaws. You can add color to the resin as it dries to create a variety of color effects, but if you want it to look like stone like marble, you should hire a professional. If you want to get rid of your concrete completely, you can use tiles in your garage instead. Stone and ceramic tiles are strong when properly installed and can often withstand the weight of cars. But the tiles have the joints that have to be sealed and repaired, creating more maintenance work over time.

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