Building Shipping Container on Wheels

Feb 1st
Trailer Container Homes
Trailer Container Homes

Shipping container on wheels the world’s trade but often create environmental problems when their moving days are over. So what do you do with abandoned transport containers? Now you build a house. Used transport containers together as building blocks to meet different housing needs, from temporary protection to luxury beach houses. Robust, affordable and environmentally friendly, a house built with metal transport containers is an idea whose time has come.


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Design the layout of the shipping container house. Experienced do-it-yourselfers should be able to handle a simple one or two container design projects, but complex constructions need a building professional. The good new ones are more architects and builders are specialized in cargo container architecture, with plans and ready-made kits that already exist. Find local container retailers for containers. See the final cost includes transportation costs to the construction site.

Build a raised foundation shipping container with cast concrete or block foundations with a lot of reinforcement iron to give a solid base. Embed steel sheet for foundation’s corner. Move the containers in place with a crane. Weld container corners to the steel plates already embedded in the foundation. Also, weld the seams together where two containers meet. Cut openings for doors and windows using a plasma metal cutter. Remove side walls where containers are hit to create larger interior spaces. Finish interior finishing after traditional house construction. Frame doors, windows and walls with wood or metal framing. Lay the insulation between the outer and inner walls or use a spray-on ceramic insulation, inside and out. Run plumbing and electrical wiring to meet local code. Lay down the plywood subfloor. Finish interior.

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