Building House on the River

Sep 4th
The House By The River Synopsis
The House By The River Synopsis

You need to know why you want to build your house on the river and why buy one existing property – a much simpler process – Is not an option. You also need the support of your family, friends and possibly your employer, so discuss your plans with them and seek their understanding.


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Find your plot. You can build a house by the river only if you have a piece of land to build on. The size, shape and location of the ground will determine what you will build and most likely the style and size of the house that will be appropriate. Search broad – research the Internet and talk to real estate brokers, entrepreneurs, friends and colleagues. Plots are not easy to get hold of, and you will encounter significant competition from other prospective builders.

Ask for advice. A large number of magazines, books and exhibitions focus on housing construction. Industry agencies and local councils should also be prepared to answer your questions and point you in the right direction to find out more. Take your time and do plenty of research. Track other people who have built their own homes and talk to them about their experiences. Find builders and entrepreneurs who have worked for others to build clients themselves. Draw up house river plans. Find at least three architects who have experience of building houses themselves and asking them to estimate their plans. Meet and talk to each of them. A good potential relationship is just as important as a good price. It is possible to buy existing plans, but these will surely have to change, so still seek professional advice.

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