Architectural Salvage Balusters Ideas

Apr 4th
Wooden Antique Porch Balusters
Wooden Antique Porch Balusters

Architectural salvage balusters provide increased security to a staircase. The supervisor allows users to hold the device while walking up and down the stairs. This prevents slips and falls. The stamens block fall through the railing and stairs. Handrails and stamens can also be added to a staircase to update or add style. The installation of a handrail and stamens can be completed without a professional but the project will take a few days and some hard work.


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Determine the space between each stamen you prefer. Mark the underside of the architectural balusters for each spindle. This will give you the exact measurement and location to drill a hole for the stamens to be installed. When you’re done, set the handrail to one side. Apply wood glue to the bottom of each post. Place the stamens in place on the stairs. Hold the stamens for two minutes until the glue has hardened. Do this for each stamen. Allow the adhesive to dry for 24 hours before installing the handrail.

Apply wood glue to the top of each post and in each hole on the bottom of the handrail. Align the salvage balusters so that the drilled holes fit each post. Place the handrail in place. Place the vice grip on top of the handrail to hold it upright; Continue placing the vice grips along the stairs to keep the pieces in place. Wipe off excess wood glue from stamen and supervisor. Drill the wood screw on the underside of the railing on the wall and the Newel insert. This will secure the handrail to the stairs. Allow 24 hours for wood glue to dry completely before applying pressure to the handrail or upright.

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