All About Frida Kahlo Blue House

Oct 1st
What is Frida Kahlo Blue House
What is Frida Kahlo Blue House

Frida kahlo blue house – Kahlo’s work is very autobiographical in character: she reported on her tumultuous marital life with the famous painter Diego Rivera and the long – term consequences of a traffic accident in her youth. Her work largely consists of self-portraits, often with surrealist additions. In addition, she also made great surrealist works, which also always have an autobiographical character. In this study she investigated both her own physical disabilities and broader political and social issues. Her work became popular in the 1980s . Her work is colorful and displays many Mexican folkloristic and pre-Columbian motifs.

The oeuvre ofFrida Kahlo can be characterized as magically realistic. In her self-portraits, the grown-up eyebrows and the mustache stand out. The blue house in which she lived for so long is transformed by Diego Rivera into a museum in honor of Frida Kahlo . Besides paintings of her, he also includes his collection of pre-Columbian objects.

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In recent years there has been a renewed interest in Frida Kahlo and her work, which has resulted, among other things, in a considerable number of publications. At the 2002 Film Festival in Venice, a film about the tragic life of Frida Kahlo was premiered.

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