All About Concrete Block Moulding Machine

Oct 17th
Use Concrete Block Machine
Use Concrete Block Machine

A concrete block moulding machine is used in the factory or on the job site to quickly make concrete blocks, slabs, pavers or blocks. Available machines are manual, automatic or semi-automatic. Manual Layers are machines that make it easy for an operator to make blocs of concrete. As the name suggests, it is not motorized. The use of this machine requires no energy source, because it is the operator who fills the mold and operates the press by the force of his arms.

The models available are small, but their lightness is an asset in terms of mobility. This type of machine is equipped with a mold making it possible to produce between 2 and 5 concrete blocks or blocks by laying. In general, this layer produces blocks with a laying every 2 or 3 minutes. Semi-automatic layers are named after their method of operation.

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They are equipped with a motor to automate certain tasks such as activating the press and vibrators. However, they require the intervention of an operator responsible for pouring the concrete into the molds (by opening a hatch) and activate the controls. On some mobile versions, a seat is installed to allow the operator to work comfortably while following the movements of the machine.

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